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Finding cloud 9: Rising above cloud challenges and considerations

Every day we see new technological advancements announced with the majority underpinned by the popular term, “cloud”. The word has become a method of simplifying diagrams as much as a convenient placeholder for alternate design and delivery models, which unfortunately contribute to the confusion around what cloud really offers. Choosing the right cloud, or cloud…

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Top 10 technology innovations of 2017

This year can be marked as a turning point in our adoption of new technology. We are now moving from technology “buzzwords” into tangible applications of these much spoken about technologies. With the final months of 2017 upon us, a really interesting development this year has been that many hyped technologies from the past two…

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Is the IT budget well spent in your organisation?

Most business budgets and expenses operate on a cost-benefit basis. If a budget for a new office is allocated then a shiny new office is expected. But what about IT? Do we really know what we get for our money? It’s time we had a better understanding. In many enterprises IT is responsible for supporting…

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Now is always the right time to accept change in IT

Planning will always be important when it comes to managing change and technology refresh cycles. The challenge is to not let established planning cycles become a blocker to IT-driven business improvement or innovation “We’ve always done it this way,” or so the famous last words go. A perennial challenge for IT and business leaders is…

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IT – Organisational Blocker or Enabler?

With so many business processes going digital, it’s time to assess whether IT is helping or hindering business growth For many decades business IT operations have focused on supporting data processing systems like accounting and ERP and enabling knowledge workers to be productive on PCs and mobile devices. What’s always been a challenge is keeping…

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Hybrid Cloud – the Future of ‘ITaaS’?

With so much talk about hybrid cloud computing, let’s take a look behind the hype. With the concept of “cloud computing” being bad enough for IT and business leaders to get their heads around, the industry is now awash with the term “hybrid cloud” as a way forward for IT service delivery. Does hybrid cloud…

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Why On-Premises Still Matters

Cloud is a huge step forward for IT infrastructure and application delivery, but on-premises still plays an important role for many business requirements It seems not a day goes by when we don’t hear the word “cloud” when talking about business technology. Does that mean private server and storage equipment will eventually be a thing…

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Cloud Outages: Review your Business-Critical Hosting

The high-profile Amazon Web Services outage during last year’s Sydney Storm serves as a good reminder of the importance of managed services Many people, including those in the media, were in shock last year when the de facto standard in cloud computing, Amazon Web Services, suffered a two hour outage during a fierce Sydney storm.…

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