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Every activity undertaken by Tecala is underpinned by a culture of integrity, credibility and positivity. We believe that it is possible to be competitive, driven and successful in the ICT business without having to embrace negative characteristics. We want to be fun and at the same time, professional to deal with.  We want our staff to look forward to coming to work every day.  We want to end each day with our clients delighted by what we have achieved and content with every action that we have taken along the way.

Well, that’s enough about us. What about you?

What Our Staff Members Say

  • Driving customer satisfaction via consultative excellence – Oh, and free food in the fridge yeeww!

    — Kristian —
  • More fun than waiting for the NBN rollout

    — Luiz —
  • Can I just say, as someone still fairly new to this place, that you’re all awesome at what you do.

    — JT —
  • I would walk 500kms and i would walk 500 more and even then i’d only just be at our other DR Site

    — Ben —
  • Tecala has a fantastic team environment and management with a true open-door policy

    — Jen —
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