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Not all clouds are created equal

Choosing the right cloud, or cloud combination, for your business and its application delivery is one of the most important infrastructure decisions you’ll make. Cloud brings many benefits, however, if it is not managed or controlled proactively, performance can diminish and costs can spiral. This can lead to a poor end-user experience and degraded business…

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Get Empowered: Make decisions based on facts. Faster ways to financial reports and better BI

Without real-time, or near real-time reporting, Australian business leaders are making misguided critical business decisions.  A problem facing traditional financial and general business reporting is the batch nature of the process. The data is collected, stored and then reports are run on that data at set intervals, such as “end of month reporting”. IT can…

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Get Empowered: How IT can increase your customer satisfaction and retention

In the digital world, the power is with the customer. Customers are expecting more immediate customer service and support. IT can drive the productivity of responding to their needs by integrating communication methods and channels. Most organisations have numerous channels for delivering customer service and support. These interactions are becoming increasingly fast-paced as customers demand…

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Top 10 technology innovations of 2017

This year can be marked as a turning point in our adoption of new technology. We are now moving from technology “buzzwords” into tangible applications of these much spoken about technologies. With the final months of 2017 upon us, a really interesting development this year has been that many hyped technologies from the past two…

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Now is always the right time to accept change in IT

Planning will always be important when it comes to managing change and technology refresh cycles. The challenge is to not let established planning cycles become a blocker to IT-driven business improvement or innovation “We’ve always done it this way,” or so the famous last words go. A perennial challenge for IT and business leaders is…

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